Trash Bag $15.00

A reusable, recycled shopping bag to hold all your things.

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It’s made from recycled plastic. It holds a surprising amount of stuff. It closes with velcro to keep prying hands out. It’s centennial yellow. It's the next it bag. It’s so haute. It loves the planet.

More durable than single-use paper or plastic bags, plus, it looks nicer.

Yes: Large, Yellow, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.

No: Waste, Worries.







Reviews say things like "God sent" and "Currently obsessed with this bag" and "It has super handy velcro strips to keep the top shut!" and "It’s big enough to fit all my daily things AND my shopping too"

screenshot instagram post
screenshot instagram post
screenshot instagram post

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Trash Bag

By fluff-dev, November 8, 2018

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