Magic 8Ball $25.00

A toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice.

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It’s round. It’s yellow. It answers all of life’s biggest questions. Or any size question for that matter. It’s correct or incorrect. It has many things to say. It has a bonus URL.

Cure indecision by asking, shaking, reading, doing. Or not doing.

Yes: Questions, Answers, Coincidence, Confusion, Regret, Truth, Fluff.

No: Guarantees, Solutions, Liability.




All knowing



Reviews say things like "Beware can tell the future" and "Helps me make important decisions when I’m too busy to make important decisions" and "It’s so dreamy" and "I recommend it 99%" and "Fun to use by yourself or with friends”

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Yipee yellow & @itsall.fluff

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By Fluff Editorial, November 20, 2018

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