Bronzing Powder $43.00

A pressed powder that makes you look bronzed.

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It’s subtle, but buildable. It works well on various skin tones. It blends effortlessly. It makes you look more alive. It has no palm oil, talc, or sparkles. It’s vegan. And it’s nice to hold.

It comes in a weighted metal compact that slides to open and looks crazy fancy.

Yes: Buildable Colour & Coverage for Various Skin Tones, Natural Mineral Formula, Matte, Vegan, Much Wow, Made in Italy, 8gm, Fluff.

No: Palm Oil, Sparkles, Over-doing It, Bunny Testing.




No Animal Testing


No Palm Oil


No Sparkles


No Toxic Chemicals



These girls use Fluff and they still look like them. Pretty.

How to use:

First, lightly moisturise and let set. Brush the Bronzing Powder on more, or less, around cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Or, apply all over. Add extra to eyelids and lips for a super-bronze.

Skin tones.

Reviews say things like "Ummmm… It’s insane" and "Easily buildable" and "It’s so dreamy" and "Without a doubt the best bronzer that’s ever bronzed this face" and "Nice to hold”

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screenshot instagram post
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Bronzing Powder

By fluff-dev, January 15, 2018

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