What Kinda Cake Are You?

By Fluff Editorial, May 3, 2018

What Kinda Cake Are You? Image

January, you are mouldy banana bread.

February, you are probably a meringue with passionfruit stuff.

March, Tiramisu. Duh.

April, you are an ugly lemon madeira cake.

May says that you are a warm carrot cake.

June is an ice-cream cake. Any flavour you like.

July, you are a birthday sponge cake with rainbow sprinkles, if you want to be.

August, caramel mud cake because caramel rules the world.

September, angel food cake. Not sure what that is but it sounds pretty.

October, butter cake that’s super buttery.

November, vanilla cheesecake that has melted all over the table.

December, bundt cake on the side of the road.

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