What Is Selfiesteem?

By Fluff Editorial, November 14, 2018

Read time: 2 Mins

What Is Selfiesteem? Image

We forget a lot of things.

Things like our lunch. Things like forgetting to call our nana. We forget the date of the day. 

We forget to compliment one another and ourselves, because we think it’s fluff. It is a bit fluff. 

But it’s a nice fluff to remember.

In order to not forget one another or ourselves; Fluff is asking you to take a compliment, and pass it on. 

Beauty is something we like to make up for ourselves. No two people look the same, nor should they. And that’s what we like to compliment: people looking like themselves.

So what do you really like about yourself outside all of the noise? The noise of the internet, and the ideas and things people are told to value. What would happen if we stopped listening to that and started listening to ourselves. 

Like listening to our freckles? They want to be heard. 

Like listening to our crooked teef? Because they have a right to be liked, too. 

Like listening to things you shouldn’t want to change or cover up.

When did we decide that “beauty” was hiding what you looked like? But no one looks like themselves when they’re hiding. And then we keep trying to feel like that person who hides again and again. Which is unrealistic. More and more turns into the norm. Which doesn’t feel quite normal. And then we forget what we look like.

All we remember is that hiding makes other people money.

On more of a casual note, there is a casual approach to beauty out there, too. Beauty that isn’t just on the surface. Deeper things that we find beautiful. Like beautiful things that we do. Like taking a compliment and passing it on. Complimenting what you can’t change and what you don’t particularly want to change. Because the only reason we want to change is because people are telling us to.

Selfiesteem is: being enough. Just as you are fancy, cute, shy, weird, whatever. And still looking like you. 

Selfiesteem is: a feeling like how you feel when you hold our cloud. Safe. Whole. Happy. Here. The feeling you feel when you feel your best. 

Selfiesteem is: our kind of pretty. And pretty is more than makeup. And makeup should be fun like stickers, writing poems, the colour yellow, not feeling alone, making someone else feel nice. 


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