Things That Should Happen

By Ellen Jenkinson, March 7, 2019

Things That Should Happen Image

For everyone, just one day of the year. Please?

One day of the year where every store, every train station, every elevator and every speaker in every space is blasting the blues. The stuff that hits you in the hips, gets you swaying, gets your head nodding, because it moves you – moves you from the ground up, like it’s growing through your bones, rattling them in your skin, making them moan.

One night of the year where everyone leaves their curtains open and lights on. So we could all walk around and look into people’s houses while they cook dinner, while they potter about – leaning over their loved ones at tables, chasing kids around living rooms. It would be like looking at those decorative Christmas lights but heaps less shit. 

One day of the year where we just called a truce on idle small talk. On questions we ask out of habit – not interest. On all the “good thanks, how are you?” On the weather talk, on talk about our work days, our weekends, the price of petrol, the traffic this morning. Just one day where we don’t have conversations we have every day – ones that we wont ever think back on and recall for any reason.

Similarly, one day of the year where we actually answer bullshit questions with the stark and unedited truth, “Hey Carol, how’s it going?” “Well, Sean – this morning my cat shit in my shoes, I realised I have a truly awful relationship with my mother, and I am fairly certain I have hit an age where I may or may not being growing old lady whiskers on my chin. And you?”

One day a year where we all drink a little too much red wine and talk about all of our feelings on the floors of our living rooms, with cold pizza and records crackling in the background. Actually, this one you should do all the time with people you like the most, or just alone. 

One day a year where we wash all our clothes and linen with fabric softener. It would be like hitting refresh on everyone’s lives at once. We’d all be so damn happy and squiggly in our clothes for a couple days.

One day a year where we apologise to just one person; a lover we shamefully used, a friend we drifted from, a parent we silenced, a colleague we stepped on, a pet we didn’t pat. Sorry.

One day a year where we don’t apologise once. All day. People would explode. All we do is apologise. So casually, so consistently, so quietly, so unattached from it. One day where we didn’t do this. Unless you stepped on someones foot. Always apologise for that, it hurts more than we let on most of the time.

One day a year where we all had to wear one little bit of red. Because it’s a great colour and people should wear it more. 

Fingers crossed, hey?

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