Squirrel Fund

By Fluff Editorial, January 6, 2019

Squirrel Fund Image

The man I met. He had a squirrel fund.

Though pardon him, the last thing on his list of bother was to stock up his squirrel fund for Winter of this year. After we traded each other a tell and tale I decided I did not need to, either. Because I am easily convinced. Rather than stocking up our stocks we braved the cold. That was a lie. We braved the cold on our way to the warm. And when we got to the warm there was never-ending warm there for us to wallow in.

You can warm the insides of yourself with soup. With wine. Together. And thoughts find their way to the top of the bubbles after a glass of that bubbly wine. More with a bottle.

He told my flushed cheeks that “money is cheap”. Paper flutters.

He said that “You can stock up each Winter. But next Winter cannot be guaranteed”.

He told me that he had met a man, like I met him at a time that was once. This man told him, without words, that he truly regarded money that is never really his money, as though it gave him immunity. He thought he had a super power and that the power was invincibility. I asked him “What was his deal?” he came back to me with “I don’t remember”. He told me on that note, that he did not want to die. Yet. Did you know that money cannot keep you alive?

And it most certainly does not travel with you on the plane to the next plane.

Before we ceased the bothering to top up our squirrel fund, we spent our time topping up our squirrel fund. But all we did was yawn. And he told me that to yawn means that you must be air hungry. Stop suffocating yourself. There is no need to drown. I yawned again because yawning is contagious. That is what I told him. Did you know you can drown in other places, other than a body of water?

The more paper the fund stowed away, we found worry in these pockets and compartments, too. An abundance of each. Sometimes we would close our eyes and we were not where we should have been. Cold in the Winter, even with all of the stock we believed to be precious.

They tell us that these squirrel funds are for a rainy day. We wanted every day to be rainy. Because my squirrel fund is in the dirt. With the worms. Under their prickly green skin. So I thought I would make it a rainy day more often than the person before me did not. Did you know that you do not have to be led by money if you do not want to be? The raindrops that I led made the grass richer. The worms appreciated the gloop. And I stopped thinking, so I stopped picking at the grass whilst I was thinking. Worrying about the grass that I was picking at.

Did you know that anything is easy to say? Like when he told me that “Money is easy to come by”. But I found that coming by money easily could be a true practice. Because I asked myself when he wasn’t looking, “Did you know all the things where the worry was brought to a close, happened to flow through beyond itself?”.

And on that note, we didn’t try to stock up for this year’s Winter.

“Well my squirrel fund lives under my bed”. I was listening. “Sometimes it is the monster”. Did you know that the same people that warn you not to be walked by your dog are being walked by their squirrel fund? He made me think about next Winter not being guaranteed, so how could our squirrel fund possibly be? Within the next thought and before it had a chance to end, my voice seized a hold of it and rolled it into and over the grooves of my tongue.

The thought came to life with the words “Can I please have another bottle of           ?” Blank. I don’t remember. But the feeling that was to follow was easily guaranteed. And look at me, I threw away my shoes. I still have my paws.

Although, did you know that squirrels are first-class liars?

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