Popping Out Of The Bubble

By Christine Dela Cruz, August 9, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

Popping Out Of The Bubble Image

The fact is,

most of my waste will still be here when I no longer am.

Plastic, tinfoil, glass, aluminium cans and even those monthly sanitary pads; not fully decomposed, not even close to it. Just sitting somewhere, while I’m already gone. 

I don’t think we think about this enough. And even when we try, it gets a bit too complicated for us to comprehend. So we just keep on living, taking time we don’t have to treat our world with little care. 

Although it is a collective effort to save our world, we seem to believe someone or something else will magically erase all the terrible ramifications of our impulsive actions. We are in a bubble of regret and unknowingness of how to help. 

I guess it’s easier to live a life without consequences, but that is a life of untruths. Instead of ignoring terrifying yet plausible outcomes of our actions, I have tried to recognise them. Although I haven’t fully grasped how to be majorly ‘waste-free’ and ‘ethical’, I have composed a journey of it. Because change starts small. 

Starting here: buying a plastic water bottle for a momentary refreshment doesn’t equate to a rested mind knowing that my purchase results in 450 years of decomposing. It’s not easy to ignore this outcome, so change your action. 

When you know something is bad, and you absolutely don’t need it, it’s best to boycott it. Plasticware for one use? That fast-fashion shirt you saw in the shops? There are always alternatives which offer a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle. 

I believe taking responsibility is a big part of change. In saying this, I have not fully eradicated all my shitty actions, but understanding the consequences and educating yourself is a big part of this journey to being nicer to the planet. 

There are so many levels of change we, as humans, can contribute to. Especially large corporations who aren’t willing to be more conscious of their production — they must change. But whilst this rests with each individual, being kind is recognising yourself in this. Living consciously and taking responsibility are two small aspects we can all work on to contribute collectively. 

So here I am, popping myself out of this bubble, hoping everyone can too. 

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