Perfect Imperfect Life Instagram

By Shea Crider, March 5, 2018

Perfect Imperfect Life Instagram Image

An unlimited source of memes and pictures of 🦔wearing little 🎩.

People making tiny edible foods. Prettier, fitter, happier, cooler, more beautiful.

More put together. Carefully selected ‘aesthetic’. Constant pressure and obligation to only post the best of the best pictures: the best nights, the best angles, the best filters and best friends.

My life “looks perfect”. But that does not reflect real life.

Self-worth is measured by the amount of likes, the amount of followers you have.

Hide everything that isn’t flashy, fun, or making some sort of statement.

See me when my makeup is done, my hair is clean, and my clothes match.

Don’t see me in my true goblin form, rushing to class at 9:23 on a Tuesday morning, bare spotty skin, hair uncombed, beanie on, toothpaste stain on shirt.

Didn’t get as much attention as I had hoped?

Dejected for hours. Consumed me. Overly concerned with how others viewed me.

Basing the majority of my decisions on how others would perceive me.

So easy to concentrate on the approval and validation of others, instead of focusing on becoming content with yourself from within.I deactivated my Instagram account for a little.

SO refreshing. Myself, my friends, and school.

SO much easier. Recognized my own individual beauty. Came back. Appreciated the beauty in others without tearing myself down.

Feel like social media takes a toll on your mental health or self-image? I want to encourage you take a step back and log off for however long you need.

How long is a piece of string?




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