Never Alone

By Helen Edgar , December 6, 2018

Never Alone Image

Mirror, mirror on the wall. You’ve seen a lot.

You’ve seen my angles and my dips. But you never judge, do you? You just sparkle and stay calm. Except sometimes when a bit of grime gets you down. But, I try to clean you up from time to time. I hired a cleaner, too. But, she cancels a lot. Rude.

Do you know you’re the one who I look at the most? For the longest amount of time. Apart from TV. You’re pretty special to me. But, we have a love/hate relationship. You know your friend the light bulb? Why is he so temperamental? Sometimes I find you both in different rooms and he reflects me as evil and unhealthy. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I have enjoyed his company a lot, too. But, I like you more. Don’t tell him that though. Promise?

What do you do when I’m gone by the way? Can you hear stuff? Or do you try hit on the basin when the perfect afternoon light hits. It must be romantic. You probably see that prime time more than me. Bummer.

I think I need to see you less though. Focus on other things. I would like to spend less time with TV, too. She is really nice but she has separation anxiety and I need to see my other friends more, you know? Like bed and desk. They’re really cool, too. They make me think a lot and it can be exhausting.

What’s your favourite temperature? I’m sorry I never asked. Window open or shut? I bet you’re like me. Window open.

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