I See Myself In Paintings

By Alyson Zetta Williams, November 27, 2018

I See Myself In Paintings Image

Basically, I’ve always felt like an “other”.

My look is not traditional, nor is it super outlandish. I didn’t really know what my look was until I started studying western art history and found myself, literally, in the paintings.

To this day, friends send me shots from museums asking me how it is possible that I look so alike to the subjects of the Renaissance period. For the first time, I was able to find a niche – though that niche was several centuries ago – where my “look” was appreciated and easily recognizable.

Though this does have to do with modern day representation, I do plan on mentioning the privilege I have as a white female of having any opportunity to see myself in media – past and present. However, I believe this concept is something most everyone can relate to in seeing/recognizing themselves, even if it means looking to the past to gain that sense of identity and self-esteem.


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