I Am

By Bethany Brown, November 28, 2018

I Am Image

I am loud.

I am funny.

I am assertive.

I am chatty.

I am confident.

But the only person who knows this me is me. I keep her hidden inside my shell. To me I am an extrovert but to others an introvert. I hate that I feel I am two people. Cause there should only be me. But my shyness consumes me.

I like it when people compliment me. Not about my hair, or my figure or my new shoes. But about me. I like it when people compliment my shyness and tell me it’s cute. It makes my insides feel warm.

I think that if compliments make your insides feel warm, then they are important.

I think that compliments are more than just words.

I think that we should be aware of what we are complimenting on.

Because compliments can help turn insecurities into things we love about ourselves.

Take a compliment and pass it on.

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