Grace lives amongst the gum trees, near the fresh end of the Yarra River. She has two eyes, two ears and a nose. She looks like a human. Things she likes: painting and writing - more than tweeting and instagramming. She’s the youngest of five babies.

By Grace Flood, January 21, 2019

Clones Image

Makeup intimidated me for a really long time.

I remember feeling overwhelmed by it, and then underwhelmed by it. Every time.

I didn’t understand why or how all my beautiful friends managed to become Kylie Jenner clones.

At one point, I wanted to look like that too. Sharp contours, cake-face perfection, ultimate glossy wax figure. 

It got REALLY tricky in the mid-2010s when I started losing my friends in crowds, clubs and festivals.

Everyone looked the same. Exactly the same. This is not a joke.

Where had all their uniqueness and individual beauty gone?

Where had mine gone?

I miss seeing our eye bags.

I miss seeing our freckles and moles.

I miss seeing our different bone structures.

I miss seeing our imperfections.

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