Emily-Jane’s 2018

Well, Emily-Jane likes old things, and dead things. She likes the idea of Mermaids and Bigfoot. She keeps a rat tooth in her wallet. She writes about what keeps her up at night. Her favourite colour is pink.

By Emily-Jane, December 29, 2018

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🍼 On the second day of the year, I turned 18.

🍼 Then I tried karaoke, drunk.

🍼 I was gifted a golden ring.

🍼 I started university.

🍼 I fell completely and totally in love with archaeology.

🍼 I understood that I was happy and in a good place.

🍼 Became a calendar person. Felt much more put together.

🍼 I went to a lot of parties.

🍼 And I cried at a lot of parties.

🍼 I went to a lot of concerts.

🍼 And I cried at a lot of concerts.

🍼 I called a lot of assholes out on the internet. Felt really good about it.

🍼 I got 4 new piercings and didn’t take care of them.

🍼 I began feeling more comfortable in my body than I ever had felt before.

🍼 I spilt red wine all over my favourite white jeans. My boyfriend’s mum fixed them for me.

🍼 I was disappointed on a stupid day with a stupid meaning.

🍼 I got a minimum wage job.

🍼 I got so sleep deprived I saw weird things in my peripheral vision.

🍼 I had a very late birthday party. It was cowboy themed. I don’t remember much of it.

🍼 I couldn’t find anyone to be my friend at University.

🍼 I later found a friend, but he dropped out.

🍼 I realised I was content with everything in my life. Kind of an unnerving feeling.

🍼 I continued to be hopelessly devoted to my best friend, even after a whole year. Scary.

🍼 Fluff messaged me on Instagram.

🍼 I hung out at Fluff for the first time. I fell in love with everyone there. I cried on camera.

🍼 I scored my first archaeology internship.

🍼 I quit my minimum wage job.

🍼 I dug up my first ever human tooth. It made me really excited.

🍼 Then I found 34 more.

🍼 I was asked to work in a really dark and deep hole because no archaeologist on site, but me, could fit in it. It made me feel important.

🍼 I stole a rat tooth.

🍼 Fluff asked me to hang out for a second time, so I did.

🍼 And I cried on camera, again.

🍼 I started pole dancing.

🍼 I felt powerful.

🍼 I took sleeping tablets for the first time and felt like I was on another planet.

🍼 I had a professional photoshoot. And hated every minute of it.

🍼 I went to Bali for a week, it was nice.

🍼 I wrote an academic essay about why Stonehenge wasn’t built by aliens and got an A on it. Even if it went against my beliefs.

🍼 I hung out at Fluff some more.

🍼 I went to a party and cried about murderers with a girl I’d only met once before.

🍼 Weeks later the girl and I decided we were going to start a podcast in the new year. We’re good friends now. I bought her a Voodoo doll.

🍼 I began my research.

🍼 I found myself to be eternally grateful for Google Docs.

🍼 I received an email from my professor saying I scored a funded place to go study archaeology for a couple weeks in Sri Lanka next year.

🍼 I shaved all of my boyfriend’s hair off.

🍼 Decided I like olives, but only the green ones.

🍼 I finished my first year of university. I did better than I thought I would. I’m proud of myself.

🍼 I decided I’d try even harder next year.

🍼 I finished my first ever archaeological dig.

🍼 Now I’m unemployed.

🍼 I broke my laptop. Can’t afford to fix it.

🍼 I flew to America.

🍼 I had my first Thanksgiving dinner experience.

🍼 I got real tired of racist old white men.

🍼 I bought my first deck of tarot cards and they gave me the answers I needed.

🍼 I flew to Mexico.

🍼 Got really sunburnt. Drank too many mimosas.

🍼 I flew back to America.

🍼 Slept at one of the most haunted locations in the US. No ghosts, just thin walls. People like to have a lot of sex in haunted places it seems.

🍼 Decided I like pickles.

🍼 Got overwhelmingly stressed about stupid New Years Eve plans. Another stupid day with a stupid meaning.

🍼 I missed my dogs.

🍼 And my best friend.

🍼 I flew home.

🍼 I hugged my dogs.

🍼 I hugged my best friend.

🍼 I realised I didn’t do nearly enough art this year.

🍼 I’ll do better next year.

🍼 Maybe I’ll try yoga, too.

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