Eliza Kin: Y/N

By Eliza Kin, March 6, 2019

Eliza Kin: Y/N Image

Ramen? Yes.

Do you spend too much time online? Yes. Dancing with no music? Yes. Applying makeup with your fingers? YES. Applying makeup without a mirror? Yes.

Sparkling water? Yes. Eating grapes at the super market? Yes. Dry shampoo? Yes. Having your fortune read? Yes. Birthday suit? Yes. Prank calls? Yes. Sleepover? Yes.

Telling a truth that hurts? Yes. Breakfast for dinner? Yes. Dinner for breakfast? No. Poetry? Yes. Nightmares? No. Keeping a journal? Yes. Hop scotch? Yes. Bleach? Yes.

Girl with a pearl? Yes. ❤️Butterflies? Yes! Do you know what is going on? No. Nail polish? Yes. Slime? Yes. Crust makes your hair curly? No. Pasta? Yes. Dying your hair again? Yes.

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