By Shelby Hamilton, December 6, 2018

Dinner Image

We were doing our favourite thing to do together; Dinner.

I thought his hair looked nice.

I told him that his hair looked nice, together at dinner.

He said thanks.

Then he told me he thought my hair looked nice too, but he didn’t want it to go to my head if he told me so.

My eyes told him to shut up.

It didn’t go to my head, it slipped down through my ears, past my teeth and turned itself into a grin.

He then went on to tell me he can’t possibly compliment me as often as he’d like to.

The reason being, it would simply be too much if he were to tell me each time he had a nice thought about me.

He then told me, together at dinner, that he thought my hair looked nice.

I said thanks.

I thought in my head and only my head, this:

Just because you think in your head that my hair looks nice, doesn’t mean that my head thinks it looks nice too.

It can be hard to know a nice thought about yourself.

The thought they thought could have never, ever crossed my mind.

Like being aware of my hair looking nice.

And so now I do think that compliments are important.

Because my friend told me a nice thing, that “nice things are nice to know”.

And I might have never believed my hair looked nice unless you told me so.

And knowing your hair looks nice is certainly a nice thing to know.

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