Compliments Are Sweet

By Gabriella Lewis, November 21, 2018

Compliments Are Sweet Image

Compliments are sweet syrupy drops of honey in warm tea.

They make my cheeks flush and my heart swell. Compliments are so special.

To me they mean the most when they’re not so much about a hazy idea of common beauty, but more focused on me and my own brand of self. I like compliments that are about something I choose to do or something I am. When they’re particular or unique.

My boyfriend once told me that there’s something about me he finds so warm, and the thought of it often dances through the back of my mind. I didn’t know I wanted to be warm until he told me I was. It made me feel like I am a warm person, like maybe I am caring and friendly and always willing to let you borrow my scarf. His compliment meant more than a bashful smile. I loved the way it sounded, to be warm, so I wanted to live up to this idea of myself, I wanted everyone to see me the way he did in that moment. That compliment was especially sugary sweet, it stuck to me.

Sometimes profile picture comment compliments lose their sweetness as fast as grape Hubba Bubba loses its flavour, you open a new app and forget the kindness. But the compliments that come out of nowhere, that interrupt you while you’re trailing off of a sentence or walking down the street, they’re the most powerful, the most sweet and most savoured.








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