Are Compliments Important?

By Jasmine Cross, November 14, 2018

Are Compliments Important? Image

I guess so.

A hug is a compliment that makes you feel more loved when you’re feeling less than you should.

But I can’t hug myself,

So I moisturize my legs, wash my hair and drink some elegant tea.

I brush my hair in front of the mirror and appreciate the way it flicks up at the ends naturally.

I add a stupid amount of blush to my face so I feel like Snow White.

This is how I compliment myself, how I build my self-esteem back up.

I fill my head with good stuff.

I listen to Lily Allen to compliment myself because she makes me feel stronger and reminds me how to be okay by myself.

I watch animated movies with good morals in their story-line.

I re-read Alice in Wonderland to make me see the world in a different way again.

I think social media comments are empty, they fill me up for a quick second but only for a moment.

I actually believe that I need un-necessary validation.

I will admit it, I take selfies for compliments.

I want people to agree with me that I feel pretty today.

But that only works for a moment and then you are waiting for another comment which never comes.

And it leaves you feeling emptier than before, and re-evaluating if you are pretty or not.

You would think that if they make you feel like that, they must not be important.

But for some reason you still want them, I think maybe these compliments are addictive and not good ones to rely on.

I think the compliments that mean the most are ones from the closest people to you,

Like when my mum tells me she is proud of me.

It lifts my self-esteem knowing that other people think I am doing good at what I’m doing,

And when she tells me I would look good in a paper bag it makes me feel okay to wear an outfit I wanted to wear, but wasn’t going to, in fear of what other people think.

Compliments are important but they need to be from the heart, they need to be unexpected.

And compliments are more than just words people say, compliments can be your best friends

asking you to have a sleepover with them, because it means a lot when someone wants you around.

The best compliment I have ever had was when I was sleeping and my dog came over and cuddled up beside me,

Animals give the best self-esteem.

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