A Liddle Poem From A Liddle Person

By Lily Razuki, January 16, 2019

A Liddle Poem From A Liddle Person Image

I believe that it’s important to believe. 

I think without it, life becomes like a match without its box.

We take longer routes to try spark our souls,  

We actively slow our step, ignoring the skip that belongs in our personal rhythm. 

Yet we complain, 

Suffer from the lips of others, worry what is, too and has been said about us.

However, most of us don’t even know who ‘us’ is.

How can one judge and hate to be judged? This western world teaches us that paradox is the norm. That constant 

bounces of emotions are created by the internal, and yet everything I’m worried about is external.

I have been blessed with a wilder mind.

Look inside my elements and you will find,

A tiger with an elephant’s heart,

Now fulfilled with all my parts.

In beds of bunny tails my head lays,

In nature is where my heart always stays.

Return my innocence, 

for the flower within me is blooming.

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